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TARGET SOLAR is one of the best providers of residential solar panel systems in Australia. We have thorough experience in everything solar and you will always get the best quality solution from TARGET SOLAR.

We only source products which have been tried and tested in the ruthless Australian conditions, so that we can confidently install a system into your home that will best suit your needs.

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Why is Solar the next best investment for your home?

Solar can be utilized to power all kinds of electronic devices including calculators, remote sensor arrays and experimental boats and vehicles.
Residential solar can also be placed on the outdoor lighting constructions. The solar cells are charged during the daylight hours as well as at night. You can have free electricity for keeping our house well-lit and secured.

The electricity produced from the solar panel is free, infinitely non-polluting and abundant. A growing number of environmentally-minded communities in Australia have installed  solar power stations for their commercial and private power needs. Powering houses with residential solar has been the key contributor of the recent solar revolution. residential solar energy can be positioned on home roofs and is often utilized independently or supplemented with local power grids.

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Why install Residential Solar ?

  • Environment Friendly
    Solar panels are pollution free and environment-friendly. While generating electricity from the wonderful Australian sun, solar does not produce any pollution. This is a great alternative to the traditional way of generating electricity, through the burning of fossil fuels; which produces huge quantities of poisonous gases that are released into our atmosphere. 
  • Power Independence
    Solar panels for your home can allow you to be free from the dependency of power-grids and monopolistic energy suppliers. After making initial investments in the setup, you will get electricity that is locally produced and absolutely free for many years to come.
  • Limited Fossil Fuel
    While the fossil fuel reserves are anticipated to empty in the next century, residential solar power has unlimited potential and will continue as a reliable renewable energy source which can meet the Earth’s complete energy requirements for many centuries to come.
  • Most Economical Option
    Home solar systems are the most economical option for energy supplies.  When you set up a residential solar panel system on your house, it will prove to be the most economical option. If you are unsure what savings you might see from a system, contact us for further details and tailored calculations!

Working Process

of a Grid-Connected Solar Power System

The technology used in residential solar kits may look complex, but if broken down, the working process of a residential solar kit is easy to follow. This is particularly true for grid-connected solar systems since they only need very few components .

  • The sun rays hit the solar panels and produce DC electricity.
  • This DC electricity is forwarded to the solar inverter, which converts it into the 240V/50Hz AC electricity.
  • This 240V AC electricity can be used to give power to your home appliances.
  • The extra electricity comes back in the core grid.

If the residential solar panel systems are producing more power than consumed, the extra power is forwarded towards the core power grid. power companies calculate the electricity fed back to the grid and give credits on your quarterly electricity bill.

When the solar cells aren’t producing any power, for instance, during the night, your electricity is provided by the main power grid. energy retailers charge the standard rates for the electricity bought from the grid.

There are no moving parts in the grid connected systems, so you  can comfortably anticipate a long and stress-free life of your solar power systems!

Why choose


At TARGET SOLAR, we are on a mission to  create a world powered by solar energy. To make this dream come true, renewable energy should be reasonably priced, of the best quality and effortlessly available to the home owners, community groups, businesses and schools.

zero deposit solarZero Dollar Solar

With Zero Deposit Solar, we tirelessly work to provide you the best quality residential solar at reasonable prices. We also provide distinctive performance guarantees on our systems. We have the most familiar residential solar employees in Australia.

best credited local installersBest Credited Local Installers

Since the inception of TARGET SOLAR, we have installed more than 20,000 excellent residential solar panel systems for homes, commercial buildings and schools.

We have one of the largest number of qualified solar installers working for us, all with a broad experience and the top qualifications and further training within Australia.. So wherever you live, you will get a local installer that can do the best job possible, as quickly as possible!

TARGET SOLAR is a well-recognized company in Australia providing solar power options for homeowners, actively taking part in the leading business associations. It is real evidence of our character and enthusiasm towards solar energy.

quality productsQuality Products

We want all the customers of TARGET SOLAR to capitalize on their savings; therefore we provide the finest quality home solar power kits that last longer, perform to the best standards possible, which means saving you more in the long run! We provide you genuine warranties on all home solar power systems. TARGET SOLAR works only with trustworthy companies. the companies which supply us residential solar panel system kits are listed in the leading stock exchanges across the globe.

impeccable serviceImpeccable After-Sales Service

As TARGET SOLAR is extremely passionate about renewable energy, our sales professionals want to make sure that you get only the best. They’ll carefully listen to all your requirements and suggest the best installation alternatives; as per your budget. We always welcome all the queries you may have.

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