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Power Factor Definition
Power Factor is the measure of how efficiently power is used in your business. it is provided as the numerical value that comes between Zero to One.

With higher power factor, it means that the electrical equipment is used more efficiently. For e.g., with the 0.8 power factor, you are using 80 per cent of the power provided to equipment effectively, and 20 per cent of power goes in vein.

This power wastage is an avoidable cost. Preferably, the power factor needs to be as near to one as possible to ensure that your business is using energy resourcefully.

Automatic Power Factor Correction
The automatic power factor correction units include many automatic power factor correction capacitors, which are switched through the means of contactors. A regulator controls these contactors and measures the power factor of electrical networks. As per the loading and power factors of a network, a power factor controller switches the required blocks of automatic power factor correction capacitors to ensure that the power factor maintains above a nominated value.

How the Electric Power System Works?
The power factor in the electrical power systems is known as the proportion of actual power that flows to the loading of the evident power in a circuit.
In the electric power systems, loading with the lower power factor extract additional current than loading with higher power factor with useful power transmitted. The elevated currents raise the power lost with the distribution systems and need larger wires along with other equipment. Due to larger equipment costs as well as wasted energy, the electrical utilities generally charge higher costing to commercial or industrial clients in case of lower power factor.

A power factor is usually beneficial to the transmission system for reducing transmission losses as well as improving the voltage regulations while loading. Often, it’s desirable to regulate a system’s power factor to near about 1.0. While reactive elements provide or absorb the reactive power while loading, the visible power is decreased. You can apply the Power Factor Correction through the usability of an electric power transmission for improving the efficiency and stability of a transmission network. Particular electrical customers that are charged with their utility to get lower power factor can install correction equipment in order to decrease their costs.

How Improved Power Factor is Beneficial?
A lot of medium-to-large businesses need to pay as per the kVA tariff rates. It means you need to pay as per the power supplied (kVA) instead of the power used (kW). So, ultimately, you need to pay for the wasted power provided too.
Businesses with lower power factor like 0.7 to 0.9 are paying extra (kVA) charges for all the wasted power. As per the tariff you’re currently paying, the power factor correction might be a gainful initiative for the business to lessen electricity expenses. Power Factor Correction equipment can cut the electricity bills of your business using lower monthly utmost demands as well as capacity charges.

How can you improve

Power factor of your business

You can improve the Power Factor of your business by installing different Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment with TARGET SOLAR.

TARGET SOLAR works to correct the energy supply incompetence, while also decreasing the peak demands on your electricity network. It is a reasonably economical solution to reduce your power bills.

Talk to us today to discover how PFC equipment can help your business.

Power Factor Correction Equipment Features

  • A well-engineered power factor correction circuit, connected with the key electrical switchboard offers longer life and lower maintenance with guaranteed decrease in the electricity bills.
  • Power factor correction equipment is generally suitable for the installations having loading of more than 100 Amps/Phase as well as those clients that are charged based on the kVA (now kwh)
  • Having a power factor less than 0.9 needs to be corrected as considerable savings might be available.

The repayment period on the power factor correction equipment used for correcting the power factor is generally below 24 months.

Implications of Power Factor Correction Calculation

  • Different distribution networks of Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales charge additional for the businesses having a weaker power factor.
  • Lower power factor might also result in stressing the in-house electricity infrastructure, which may cause needless equipment degeneration and overheating.
  • Weak power factor may also result in ‘lesser than normal’ voltages in a plant which consequently leads to unreliable performance of equipment.

Weak power factor may also result in ‘lesser than normal’ voltages in a plant as well as consequently offer an unreliable performance of equipment.

Why choose

    • We help your business to reduce its current kVA energy demand which helps you save money.


    • We help your business to optimize your electrical assets as well as avoid or delay needless electrical system replacement costs and upgrades.
    • We decrease the risk of working downtime that is caused by overloading of the electrical assets in your facility.
    • We provide power factor improvement using capacitor banks that are specially designed as well as specially sized as per particular loads and site conditions.
    • Our power factor correction capacitor improves the Power Factor and decreases the charges of network demands. They increase the life of electrical equipment; and may reduce the requirement for pricey upgrades through increasing the accessible load.
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