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Welcome to TARGET SOLAR. We are the most trusted name in Australia for off grid energy storage systems for home and we are here to assist you in finding the right system for you.

Purchasing an off grid energy storage system is a serious, but durable investment which will power your property 24/7. Getting the right off grid energy systems is the initial step for painless power delivery.

System designs, programming and sizing are an integral part of system reliability, flawless operations and endurance. TARGET SOLAR are experts in off grid energy systems and our professionals will offer you the best off grid energy systems for many years to come.


What does it mean?

Off grid solar energy systems supply electricity for properties, which are not linked with public electricity networks. Usually, these systems are known as SAPS (Stand Alone Power Systems) or RAPS (Remote Area Power Systems).

Off grid home energy systems are self-regulating power stations that are capable to power an extensive array of applications. They provide reliable and dependable electricity, which can easily substitute your dependence on the National Electricity Grid.

Whether you need a solar power system for small or big, new or existing, home, business or a whole community, off grid renewable energy power systems are a reliable, hassle-free, and a cost-effective solution!

How do Off-Grid

Renewable Energy Systems Work ?

The PV (Photo Voltaic) solar panels transfer sunlight into DC (Direct Current) electricity. This is then fed through solar inverters to produce usable AC (Alternating Current) electricity.

the AC electricity is then sent to your switchboard and made available to the home appliances which are using electricity. The surplus electricity can be forwarded to battery banks for recharge.

The inverter or charger stops the solar systems from recharging those batteries when they are fully charged. When the solar systems are not generating electricity, the battery banks will transfer power to your home appliances.

In case, the battery banks become very low in charge, the inverter will activate fuel generators automatically to power the home.You can configure the off grid residential solar energy systems in two separate– the DC-Coupling and AC-Coupling. The configuration types have different effects on the life expectancy, flexibility and efficiency of your off grid systems.

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Why Choose


Well Experienced

Installing off grid systems isn’t as easy as installing more traditional solar solutions. Our main technicians have been designing off-grid systems ever since our inception and our main team has been working with off grid solutions for many years. 

Quality System Components

It’s stupid to make a compromise in quality if you are independent from the grid. Lower quality systems are a risky choice;  therefore we ensure that we source only the best.

Professional Designs

Low-grade off-grid systems offer unreliable power with a costlier and shorter system life. This is because of poor sizing, incompatible equipment, non-compliant designs, and risky installations. Our professional technicians make sure that these drawbacks are avoided.

Happy Customer Base

We have many happy customers of off grid energy systems in Australia. If you request for customer references, we can offer somebody with the off-grid systems just like the one we plan for you .

Honesty & Reliability

We are well aware about the liability of providing consistent power, and being accessible 24/7 for troubleshooting. Our employees understand the importance of honesty and reliability and always endeavor to exceed the expectations.

A Better Future

We have provided off-grid installations for all states and territories in Australia and have extended our work to an international level. We always support our countrywide network of consultants and installers from the main office.

What's Unique in


TARGET SOLAR’s unique power systems are designed and built to offer optimum quality and reliability while independent from the electricity grid. We have specialized in the leading technology.

Our best quality solutions are specially designed to last longer than other competitors’ solutions. Our well-informed consultants will guide you through the whole process from inquiry to installation and beyond.

You can be rest assured that our correctly-sized and  professionally installed off grid solar energy systems will assist you in eliminating continual electricity costs, without any big changes in your lifestyle.

After installation of our off grid system, you can be rest assured that now you have your own personal and reliable ‘power station’. This gives assurance you will beprotected from the constantly increasing grid supply rates and electricity prices.


At TARGET SOLAR, our off grid energy systems have the following advantages:

  • Power is produced and used locally, which greatly reduces losses during power transmission.
  • Power is produced mainly from a renewable source.
  • The carbon produced during the system installation is analyzed by us and then we completely offset these impacts with tree plantings.

Before designing your off grid energy storage system, our off grid energy system consultants will provide you with all the necessary advice on lessening your energy use with clever house designs and appliance options.

Profile of Energy Load

Completing a perfect loading profile is a crucial part of properly designing the off grid energy system. The profile of energy load is the listing of all the utilities and appliances which need electricity, with the estimation of usage frequency. After getting these details, our system designing team can precisely recommend suitable system designs and sizes for your requirements.

Efficient appliance options and effective home designs are certainly the finest ways of minimizing all your electricity needs, system sizing, and cost. So, you don’t need to change the lifestyle to live comfortably on an off grid energy system.

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