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TARGET SOLAR – Provides the Best Energy Audit Services in Australia

An energy audit is an important step to implement a winning energy audit program to reduce the energy costs.

Energy audits are often required for incentive schemes and government funding. TARGET SOLAR’s audit reports are successfully used to achieve enormous success in this regard. We conduct energy efficiency audits of all levels, compliant with the approved Australian Standards – 3598:2000.

Energy Audit – STAGE 1

Stage 1 of energy audit is the desktop study, depending on the data provided by a client. This audit offers a fundamental overview of energy consumption on the site as well as includes common recommendations for improving the energy usage.

This energy audit includes:

  • A report, which explains the main findings and extensive recommendations
  • Analysing site intervals and bill data for electricity. This is used to establish  energy consumption’s behavior with general site energy competence
  • Estimation of the yearly energy consumption and home energy audit cost of the website’s energy demands
  • Setting performance indicators to perform internal benchmarking compared with the standard industry norms
  • Wide indication about prospective energy competence measures based on the consultation with staff

Energy Audit – STAGE 2

Stage 2 of energy audit offers a more comprehensive summary of energy consuming procedures. This stage takes place at the site together with the monetary case for the proposed suggestions.

In addition to the Level 1 audit, the Stage 2 audit consists of:

  • A report, which provides all the recommendations and key findings
  • On-site trip where TARGET SOLAR will examine building fabrics, types and custom patterns with monitoring selected plant items
  • Settlement of billed power use with the site processes and operations
  • Suggested energy competence measures including the capital works as well as common management alternatives ranked as per their projected economic returns.

Energy Audit – STAGE 3

Stage 3 of the energy audit goes ahead of the Stage 2 Audit through providing more specific levels of energy usage monitoring as well as more concerned financial analysis of all suggested measures. This energy audit level often creates the validation for considerable investments into particular site upgrades.

Our energy audits are detailed and of very high quality, which helps you take the subsequent steps to decrease the energy use. Contact us and find more about it.

Manufacturing Business

Energy Audits

Manufacturing Business Energy Audits

Being the leading energy efficiency consultants in AustraliaTARGET SOLAR sees the manufacturing sector as one of the  best industries for potential benefits from the energy efficiency audits

With having a better understanding about all manufacturing procedures that directly influence the electricity bills, previous customers have made significant cutbacks in their operating costs.

These savings can be achieved using a superior energy management like load scheduling as well as properly systemizing the shut-down procedures and replacing the ageing equipment with contemporary energy efficiency alternatives. These evaluations have frequent paybacks in 1-2 years… or even less!

TARGET SOLAR has the broad experience in energy audits at manufacturing spots and have a reputation for being one of  the best commercial energy audit companies in Australia. Our energy audits are detailed and of the highest quality, which allows you to take further steps to lessen your  energy use. Contact us to know more.


Energy Audits

With the better awareness of the climate changes and increasing rates of energy, the schools in Australia want to reduce the energy usage and dangerous greenhouse gas release.

TARGET SOLAR can do energy audits, particularly designed for the Primary  and Secondary Schools. Being the best commercial energy audit company in Australia, we are leading the market in providing our energy audit services to all the schools across Australia.

Our energy audit can help the schools reducing their energy usage. We can help in significantly decreasing the electricity costs incurred. Our energy audits will also help in Environmental Sustainability Planning and Energy Management Planning including water and waste management for schools nation-wide.

Why choose


The problem of energy use has been an increasing interest across different industry sectors because of the immediate effect on the business’s production costs; as well as causing a  significant impact on the environment.

Improvements in energy efficiency may bring important business advantages. Keeping that in mind, TARGET SOLAR has created energy audit services for helping you get the finest details on improvement opportunities.

Our professional energy audit service is the main element of our devoted energy competence services as well as the initial step towards all-inclusive energy management strategies.

Our energy audit services give you complete understanding about energy consumptions in your facilities and buildings. Our quantitative findings may give extensive guidelines for constant improvements in production competence and recognizing the cost-saving opportunities in the energy efficiency.

Our professional energy audit services may further offer a wide range of added benefits. The results of an energy audit may be a very good reference to help make commercial management decisions. When the energy efficiency law policy will be endorsed in the end; your earlier preparation will enhance the energy competitiveness. Here are the main benefits of choosing TARGET SOLAR as your energy audit service provider:

Sheer Dedication
At TARGET SOLAR, we are dedicated towards energy competence and can help you in different ways to accomplish your energy targets. We offer energy audit services to factories, houses, offices and nearly any facilities that use electricity. We can serve customers Australia-wide.

Highly Skilled Team
Our highly skilled team will visit your property, execute an extensive and complete audit, and offer a wide range of initiatives and options to help you save the environment and hard-earned money. We will offer some economical ways of changing the way you consume energy. We alsooffer a few more complex strategies about how can you generate electricity or save energy through renewable energy.

All Australian Energy Standards Maintained
We can help with comprehensive energy audits that are compliant with all the Australian Energy Standards. All energy audits are done by experienced and highly qualified technicians and engineers. Once we conduct a comprehensive audit, we give clear and concise recommendations about how can you save energy and money.

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