Commercial Solar Systems

TARGET SOLAR provides the best commercial solar power systems available in Australia. We have a proven track record of exceeding all the industry benchmarks, we always deliver a consistent service, being on-time, on budget, and without any surprises… just as promised.  We have happy customers in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Our division of commercial solar provides solar panel systems, which can be set up on the rooftops of any organization, school, or businesses in Australia. We are capable and experienced in dealing with any project from 10 kilowatts all the way up to enormous industrial projects.

Who can install the Commercial Solar?

Any business, with a suitable roof can install a commercial solar power system. You need to have a minimum available roof space of 200m 2 , which should be free from shade. Call us for a free discussion about your eligibility. You can purchase the most efficient solar panels in the world with Zero Capital Outlay preparations. We provide leasing options under our PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) among other finance options

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Commercial Solar Panels

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Commercial Solar Services


At TARGET SOLAR, we have earned our great reputation for providing quality commercial solar systems in Australia. Our clientele includes some great names across the country.

TARGET SOLAR is proficient in delivering the best commercial solar solutions safely, within your budget, on time and without any surprises!

  • Commercial Solar with Zero Capital Outlay
    Your business can take the benefits of solar using zero capital outlay using our lease option or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) option. You can contact us for more details regarding this.
  • Helping You Select the Right Commercial Solar for Your Business
    We help clients match their energy requirements and budget with the solutions that are specially designed to offer maximum benefits. Our considerable buying power helps us select premium components while maintaining excellent value for money. Our market-leading assessment of commercial solar feasibility will give you the confidence to make the best decision!
  • Installing Commercial Solar As Per Your Business Requirements
    TARGET SOLAR has some of Australia’s most skilled technical minds including talented mechanical and electrical engineers, accredited installers, electricians and project management staff. You will have a single point of contact who will make sure that you get safe and timely service without any surprises.
  • Product Development Team for Customisation
    Every client has different needs and different circumstances and that’s the reason why at TARGET SOLAR, we have our own Product Development Team (in-house!). Our engineering minds are behind our revolutionary commercial solar systems.
  • Get Complete Peace of Mind with Our Professional After Sales Service
    We provide ongoing after sales support to make sure that you get optimum benefits from your investment. We offer you a minimum 10 years warranty on products and installations, easy monitoring of power outputs, complimentary investigations of remote faults and constant cleaning with electrical inspections.

Commercial Solar Benefits

There are several good reasons why should you install a commercial solar energy system. Let’s go through commercial solar benefits:
  • The Pricing Factor
    The solar panel cost in Australia has dropped considerably in the recent years, whereas electricity rates have skyrocketed. Having a commercial solar system,  allows you to produce electricity at a lower price than buying from the service provider.
  • Leasing Options
    Rather than outright purchase, you can have other options like commercial solar leasing as well as PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements). Your business can take advantage  of commercial solar leasing, meaning Zero Capital Outlay.
  • Revenue Generation
    You can generate through selling power to the building’s residents or other electricity retailers. You can also increase your building’s value through improving the Greenstar or NABERs ratings.
  • Brand Credibility
    You can improve the credibility of your brand through system’s visibility; we have launched events and different data monitoring displays prominent for your building.
  • Shorter Payback Time
    If you are currently paying over 15c/kWh for daytime electricity use, a commercial solar system will have a payback time between 5-to-7 years and after that, your electricity will be completely free!
  • Working Cost Reduction
    Commercial solar panels have a functional life of decades, providing massive savings in most business’s second largest expense (electricity).  
  • Better for Environment
    At TARGET SOLAR, we provide commercial solar panels that provide minimal impact on life-cycle environment.

Why choose


TARGET SOLAR has a great reputation in the commercial solar system industry. We are among the best commercial solar companies in Australia s; especially designed for individual Australian requirements.

Continuous Product Research

We always evaluate value for money as per the long-term performances and we are working with world’s top component suppliers.

In-House Professional Engineers

We have a team of professional engineers in-house to cope with all the technical challenges in designing the best solution for each customer. We provide expert services for commercial clients.

Extensive Experience

At TARGET SOLAR, we have extensive experience in all types of installations from extremely simple to extremely complex ones.

You can call our professional sales team or instead, use the contact form to register your interest.

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