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Home Battery Storage – The Revolution in the Residential Solar Industry

Affordable Home Battery Storage System at Your Door Step! Thanks to TARGET SOLAR Australia!

We can all see the future of energy is in Battery storage. If you wish to extend your current systems or start producing power with the complete battery storage systems, you can achieve your objectives through a battery system.

With battery storage systems Australia, you can use your solar energy in the best possible way. an average home can save hundreds on their electricity bills.

TARGET SOLAR – The Perfect Battery Storage System Design for Home

By using the green & clean solar energy, you don’t need to rely on gas or dirty coal fired energy stations.battery storage systems can reduce carbon footprints from the moment of its installation. By using battery storage systems more and more, you will become free from the ever-increasing electricity prices. You will be able to store excessive power that is generated during the day, so you can utilize it when you require it.

TARGET SOLAR provides the best battery energy storage systems for people looking to get a completely off-the-grid solution.

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Why choose


Proudly Serving Australian People

Since its inception, TARGET SOLAR has proudly served Australian people by fulfilling their specific requirements of solar battery storage system.

Complete Freedom

When you buy battery storage systems from TARGET SOLAR, you won’t need to lock yourself into any ongoing contracts.

Experts in Battery Storage

With ample experience under our belt, we’re experts in the battery storage field and we understand how to utilise  battery storage for the best possible result.

Customized Solutions

We calculate how much amount of energy your home consumes, when you consume it, and what you pay to your electricity provider.  after that we plan a system that particularly suits your requirements and budget.We calculate how much amount of energy your home consumes, when you consume it, and what is paid for that and after that we plan a system that particularly suits your requirements.

Optimum Quality Standards

After precise testing, we provide only the finest products to our customers without any compromises in quality.

Best Customer Support

TARGET SOLAR provides the best customer support for their battery storage systems customers. You can contact us anytime for your questions or claims if any.

Changes in the

With the possibility of buying home energy storage online, the pricing of deep-cycle batteries as well as other components needed have been on the higher side, it also needs the equipment as well as knowledge of operating and maintenance. That’s why the residential energy storage system has been mainly confined to the off-grid applications until now.

With quick drop in storage battery systems price and development of lithium-ion batteries as well as related technology, the scenario had changed completely. The newer generation of residential energy storage is cheaper to purchase, more gainful, sleek and good looking.

The Era of Battery Storage Systems Has Begun
Lithium-ion-based residential energy storage is working fine since the last couple of years. Also, there are some open concepts, which work with the majority of battery technologies as well as current grid connects inverters.

How much


can a Battery Storage Energy System give you ?

You can lessen your consumption of main grid electricity by 80% using a solar battery storage system. This data is based on the standard system installation in Australia.

Together, we need to make an assessment for your home and the savings depend on the individual circumstances that vary from household to household.

If you’re interested in getting an approximate idea about how much you could reduce your dependency on electricity companies using a solar battery storage system, feel free to contact us!

We will calculate savings by using your current bill cost or your average everyday consumption (as per the applicable rate in your suburb or town).

TARGET SOLAR for Your Battery Energy Storage System

A lot of Australian households want to purchase a battery energy storage system to reduce the dependency on the conventional power companies, who had a strong hold on the customers for decades!

TARGET SOLAR is providing the best-quality battery storage system at cost-effective prices. You can view the complete range of products here or call our friendly executives for advice as well as latest prices.

You may also register for our

In case, you’re thinking about upgrading to solar and want to purchase the best-quality battery energy storage in the near future, getting the  right inverter is very important. You can talk with our storage professionals about all your requirements.

Thinking Solar? TARGET SOLAR is Here!

It’s very important to think forward when purchasing a solar Battery storage system. Installing a solar system that is battery ready, and of the appropriate size, is crucial for getting the most savings and benefits you can.  Remember that not all the solar power systems can be easily upgraded.

Picking the battery that is well-matched with your solar system is one of the most crucial steps in the process. It is very important to have proper wiring and positioning – for optimum results.

Not many solar installers are having this knowledge but the TARGET SOLAR team does.

Know more about battery-ready solar systems.

Not sure if you should wait or go Solar NOW?

The advantage of going solar-smart now is that there are government subsidies that will only decrease as time goes on.

Subsidization of the Battery storage systems depends on the number of renewable energy certificates, which are known as STC’s (Small scale Technology Certificates) that the government issues to the product. The price for each certificate changes with the market conditions. Presently, due to higher costs in manufacturing the systems, the government has large subsidies to offset the cost to the consumer. As production costs fall, so will the government subsidies on offer.

Despite the market value, subsidy levels are still decreasing on a regular basis.

The biggest advantage of installing batteries and solar systems now is that you will begin to see savings on your bills immediately – rather than waiting! You can also improve the energy efficiency as well as you can create your own smart home!

Save today, save tomorrow and save for many years to come with Battery energy storage systems!

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